FAQs - Residency Changes for CGCS

We anticipate you may have questions about the ending of the CGCS Residency requirement. Please find frequently asked questions and answers below.

Why did you decide to remove the residency requirement?
The Residency requirement has been a tradition of ours since we began our online programs in 1997. As online degrees have become more the norm, most schools have opted for a 100% online experience to better meet the needs of working adults. We believe this change is beneficial to current and future Norwich students.
Will there be a commencement for current & future CGCS students?
Future graduating cohorts will have an opportunity to attend a campus commencement. Dates will be published as they become available.
When will my degree be conferred?
Degrees are conferred as of the last day of the term in which you complete your degree requirements. 
Without residency, will there be another requirement?
There are no additional requirements to earn your degree. However current and future students will have virtual experiences to replicate the important academic components of the Residency experience.
Is there still a fee to graduate?
There is a one-time graduation fee of $150 to cover the cost of conferring the degree, printing and sending your diploma 
I was supposed to attend residency this year but needed to delay, will my degree still be conferred?
All current students that needed to step out and return at a later time will have residency removed from their audit.
I am a current student, will my degree requirements change?
All current students will have the residency requirement removed from their degree audit.
When will I get my diploma?
Diplomas are mailed multiple times throughout the year, dependent upon the timing and completion of your program of study.